CTK ’17 – 5-A Big East Conference Preview

Last season, Big East Conference teams were involved in some of the most dramatic and wild finishes in the entire WPIAL, including multiple involving the McKeesport Tigers. In the regular season, Armstrong edged McKeesport in an overtime classic. Meanwhil

CTK ’17 – Week One WPIAL Football Scrimmages

FINALLY! High school football camps throughout Pennsylvania opened for business on Monday. That means district teams have five days of practice before they hit the field for either the first of two scrimmages or in the case of some teams, their only scrim

CTK ’17 – New WPIAL Football Coaches

New Faces – New Places – New Hopes – New Dreams. There are six more coaching changes this off-season then before the 2016 campaign. There are a lot of rookie head coaches getting their first crack, some coaches who are just changing hats